Time Simulator: Automate Virtual Clock Changes While Testing | Time Machine – The Original Time Traveling Tool
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Time Machine

Time Machine – The Original Time Traveling Tool

Time Machine

Businesses are aware of the importance of deploying critical applications and transforming their IT environments to meet the ever- changing technology landscape and stay competitive. Upgrading or migrating business information, practices and processes to advanced technology in order to increase business agility, productivity and cost savings is the key for IT.

Time Machine software is a de facto standard that enables you to time travel with your applications into the future or the past with variable speed capability for any functional tests. With virtual clocks our software facilitates time shift testing on your date – and time-sensitive application logic, such as month-end/quarter-end/year-end processing, billing cycles, workflow, regulatory go live and policy life cycles across n-tier architecture with no delay.

Time Machine, the original date and time simulation software for UNIX and Windows, has been serving organizations across all industries since 1997 and is Cloud-ready. Thousands of customers worldwide utilize Time Machine on a daily basis, including 47 of the Fortune 100 companies and many Global 1000 companies.  Our major partners, including Microsoft, recommend Time Machine for critical testing runs in the Active Directory environment.  It is also highly recommended and utilized in-house by many OS and application vendors.

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